Disclaimer: These listings are for convenient reference only. The Newfoundland Gazette in which these notices are published should be consulted for confirmation.

The lands covered by these notices except for the lands within Exempt Mineral Lands, the Exempt Mineral Lands being described in CNLR 1143/96 and 71/98, 104/98, 97/2000, 36/2001, 31/2004, 78/2006, 8/2008, 28/2009 and 5/2013 and outlined on 1:50 000 scale maps maintained by the Department of Natural Resources, will be open for staking after the hour of 9:00 AM on the 32nd clear day after the date of this publication.

Lands Open For Staking in accordance with Regulation 62 of The Mineral Regulations:

Gazette Date Open Date