Mineral Rights Inquiry Report

Licence Number: 021615M
File Number: 775:4145
Original Holder: Four Corners Mining Corporation
Licence Holder: Four Corners Mining Corporation
Address: P.O. Box 385
Clarkes Beach, NL
Canada, A0A 1W0
Licence Status: Cancelled (2016/02/01)
Location: Southwest Brook, West - Central NL
Electoral Dist.: 09    St. George's - Grand Lake
Recorded Date: 2013/10/24
Issuance Date: 2013/11/25
Renewal Date:
Report Due Date: 2016/01/25
Org. No. Claims: 12.0000
Cur. No. Claims: 0.0000
Recording Fee: $120.00
58104743 (2013/10/24) $120.00  
Deposit Amount: $600.00
58104743 (2013/10/24) $600.00  
Map Sheet No(s): 12B/08

Year 1 work report consists of research and compilation, a site visit and base camp repairs. Reviewed and accepted 2015.06.25 (TA) Staking security deposit (rec# 58104743) refunded 2015.06.25
Mapped Claim Description:
Beginning at the Northeast corner of the herein described parcel of land, and said corner having UTM coordinates of 5 364 500 N, 415 500 E; of Zone 21; thence South 500 metres, thence East 500 metres, thence South 1,000 metres, thence West 500 metres, thence South 500 metres, thence West 500 metres, thence South 500 metres, thence West 1,000 metres, thence North 1,500 metres, thence East 1,000 metres, thence North 1,000 metres, thence East 500 metres to the point of beginning. All bearings are referred to the UTM grid, Zone 21. NAD27.

Land Claims (effective 2005/12/01):
LISA: 0.00% LIL: 0.00% VBP: 0.00% Crown: 100.00%

Extensions: None

Work Reports:
Year Receive Date Acceptance Date Actual Expenditure Claims Security Deposit C2 Status

1 2015/01/23 2015/06/25 $2,617.98 12.0000

Work Reports Items: None

Licence Transfers: None

Partial Surrenders: None

This Licence replaces Licence Number(s): None

This Licence is replaced by Licence Number(s): None

Work Report Descriptions: None